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Brave Grand Rapids is a counseling service committed to helping people journey into peace, confidence, and self-acceptance. Brave Grand Rapids exists to enable our community’s adults to lead emotionally healthy, positive, and intentional lives. Our experienced counselors specialize in issues related to depression, anxiety, identity, assertiveness, relationships, trauma, and grief.



ADDRESS: 800 Monroe Ave NW, Suite 319, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

PHONE: (616) 275-4646


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Allison Waldron is the owner and face behind Brave Grand Rapids. She helps people work through life's junk and believes in the healing power of therapy.

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UIX: Brave Grand Rapids is building foundations for Mental Health

What does it mean to be brave?

To a community, bravery can take on many different molds.

For Brave Grand Rapids counselor Allison Waldron, bravery continues to be doing the hard thing.

"It means saying 'no,' when saying 'yes' might be the easier option. It means having that difficult conversation with a friend or family member," she says. "It means being vulnerable and speaking up for yourself, even though it can be emotionally draining and uncomfortable."

It's not an easy thing to do, but for many in Grand Rapids it can be all they have. At Brave, Waldron is hoping  to help local youth find the confidence to live intentionally. Within the majestic brick walls of the 103 College Ave estate Waldron works with young clients on issues related to assertiveness and identity, self-worth, grief, and beyond. 

"Brave Grand Rapids came to be through a vision to serve the young adult community through counseling and to provide a place where people can come to feel safe," she says, "The entire process of counseling involves taking risks: from sending an email to the final session, bravery is involved."

The most understanding, gentle, and beautiful soul to help you on your journey, Allison is Brave personified.
— Facebook Review