Our Mission

Brave Grand Rapids exists to enable our community's adults to lead emotionally healthy, confident, and intentional lives. Our experienced counselors specialize in issues related to depression, anxiety, identity, self-worth, assertiveness, anger, relationships, trauma, depression, and grief. 

OUR therapistS

Allison Waldron, MA, LPC

is a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated from Cornerstone University with her Master of Arts in Counseling. Allison believes that every person has a unique story. Counseling is a place for people to share their stories in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Allison has worked with many individuals on issues involving anxiety, depression, self-worth, unhealthy relationships, identity, trauma, self-management, and spiritual concerns. Allison believes that everyone can change and thus, have the freedom to choose which direction their lives take and the responsibility to take control of that freedom.


Roxanne Kruger, MA, LLPC

believes that the counseling relationship should be a place where you can safely explore your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or rejection. Roxanne has experience working with adolescents and adults on issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, spirituality, and life transitions.


Supporting Our Community

Grand Rapids is a growing, changing community alive with opportunity and compassion. Our mission is to be an active part of that community by helping residents of Grand Rapids become their best selves.

Attending school in the area, our counselors noticed the needs of their neighbors, family, and friends, and decided to help meet those needs with meaningful conversation and positive action. We all struggle with change sometimes; we all know how disappointment hurts.

Brave Grand Rapids was founded to foster a safe place for people to take chances, make choices, and create lasting change.

Travis Gordon, MA, LLPC

is passionate about seeing people achieve their goals and full potential. This comes from an understanding that everyone faces a unique set of both internal and external challenges in their story, and that these challenges can be used to grow and develop who we are. Travis loves walking through these hard places with people and celebrating alongside them when their hopes and dreams are realized. Travis believes that counseling can connect, heal, and shape individuals in a special way. Travis has experience working with anxiety, depression, relationships struggles, career issues/transitions, life transitions, identity, and spiritual concerns.


Jeanna Boase, MA, LLPC

believes that every person has the capacity to grow, develop strengths and skills, heal wounds, and experience new levels of wholeness. Therapy can be a catalyst for these changes; a place to be fully seen, known, and equipped.

Jeanna works with women to uncover and correct unhelpful coping patterns and belief systems, create sustainable habits for mind-body-spirit wellness, establish healthy attachments in relationships, and foster a strong sense of resilience in the midst of challenges and traumas.

She has experience helping women navigate transitions and stressors related to college and post-college life, career goals or disappointments, work-life balance, identity and purpose, marriage and singleness, and all things motherhood.